Tuesday, September 17, 2013

He is not "out there in the yard" he is in my heart.

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Recently I adopted a rooster. He has become a bit of a little stepchild to me in some ways.

I rescue animals of all kinds and it just so happens that since I had lost several chickens over the winter last year he fit right in with my other chickens. But we haven't seen eye to eye on a couple of things.

Originally I couldn't imagine why this little guy would be a drop off in a busy parking lot of a fast food restaurant. I naturally assumed that he must have fallen off a chicken truck or just escaped from someone's vehicle.

He was very skinny, old, and tired looking. He was half starved to death and weighed a little over a pound or two. I took the time to clean him up, put medicine on his comb where it was all cut up from either a pen or a fight and gave him time to heal.

Well, the next morning he got me up at 5AM. And so it went for a month or so.

Myself convinced that all I wanted is peace so I got angry at him for doing what roosters do best. It is not his fault that he is just doing what his nature tells him to do. I discovered that the problem wasn't with him at all. It was with me. Can you imagine?!

Perhaps I misunderstood what peace meant for me. I took it as a quiet state of mind. And a quiet surroundings.

Wanting to avoid being caught in angry thoughts regarding the rooster I kept an open mind where he was concerned.  He is conditioned by his own thoughts of what peace is and so am I. His peace is different than my peace.

How many people have been in a similar situation with someone that really grinds our Buddhist gears?

But if both delusion and ignorance disappear then so does Enlightenment.

When the mind that was in darkness disappears so does enlightenment. So as long as I grasp for peace of mind with the rooster I will never find it.

Because I seek it for selfish purposes. Instead of yelling at him to be quiet when I go outside and look at the little rooster with universal oneness there is no selfish peace of mind for him to destroy and therefore I no longer discriminate against him. There is no cause or condition and he has helped me bust through the limitations that I viewed to Buddhahood.

Instead of being a pest. He is a good teacher. I am learning a lot from him.

The rooster is not outside of me because he is in my heart. He may one day leave my yard but he will never leave my heart. This took me a while to digest.

Isn't that the way it is with anything that we don't understand. I quit being angry with him for waking me up and just started doing my work earlier in the morning.

It is the twilight hour so I am the only one awake in the whole house. I can hear him crowing and then for a brief moment I can hear myself think. I can only imagine now that someone else couldn't tolerate his morning voice so they let him go so their loss is my gain.

The little rooster named Harry is doing fine now and has a muffin top from eating so good. I'd say he weighs a nice healthy 4lbs now.

All of his feathers have grown back and his comb has healed.

He likes me and follows me all over the yard like a sweet little dog. I like him and value his friendship.

He does things that make me laugh. Like come over and pick at my shoelaces and untie them then run like he didn't do it.

If I am sitting in the yard meditating he will come over and peck me on my back somewhere gently then run so I look around both ways like "who's that?" and I somehow feel he might be secretly recording me for a funniest home video episode one of these days.

Be well.
Be Kind.
Be Happy.


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