Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When thinking leads to our own suffering


Throughout this past few years I have questioned more than my own sanity when it comes to politics.
I am from one of the founding Patriarchs of the United States. President Andrew Jackson and his nephew General Stonewall Jackson.

Everything our forefathers worked so hard to establish to protect the people is now being questioned. New laws are being passed. A brand new coin from the Obama Administration that no longer has In God We Trust on it. If we take away God what the heck do we have left? Allah? Krishna? John Goodman? I am a Buddhist but I don't think we will ever see a coin with him on it. Not unless a Buddhist becomes president? If a Muslim can become president then maybe one day a Buddhist can too?

I once talked to a very wise man and asked him "Why are so many people leading to crime and worse things against humanity" and he said "It is because they are a Godless Lot."

Is it true? Are we really turning into a Godless Lot? will the United States soon become lawless like the Middle East?

Deep inside I pray that we are not but sometimes I have to wonder. Thinking about it makes me suffer and makes the monkey in my mind spin its little wheels like a gerbil that has nothing better to do than just sit and worry about politics and the craziness of the world. And that is not what Buddha wants us ( okay- me)  to do.


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