Sunday, December 30, 2012



Today was a long day filled with adventure. I do not usually get out of the house much but today I took my daughter (Buddha bless us because she was in full tantrum mode yesterday) to the flea market.
It is the one place where there is a really nice guy from Korea that sells beautiful Asian Buddha and Quan Yin statues.

I bought one similar to the one shown in the pic above. He told me not many people are looking for those types of things so I said I am probably his biggest (and probably only customer) of that type of thing.
Lately I have questioned my own practice because there are times that try a man and a woman's soul.

With so many snarky and rude people in the world I feel blessed to know some  real good people when it comes to friends. But going outside of the house is a whole other ballgame. I am usually a quiet person.

I don't like to make trouble or purposely seek it out. Sometimes I seem snarky when I am just joking around and having fun. Okay, I should be more kind.  Kinder to all strangers and not just my friends or people on social media.

I am trying to think of a mantra word for myself for 2013 and I think my mantra is going to be kindness.

Today while at the flea market a woman and I began talking.

Let me rephrase that. A woman began talking to me and I began really listening to her story. She was so sad and heartbroken I think it might have been an hour later I left saying I would pray for her. I came home and prayed for her.

She came here from Miami with her brother because his wife had liver cancer but she died then a short time later he died and now she is stuck here in the freezing cold. She has a few houses that she owns to choose from to stay in but the cold eats at her bones like it does mine.  

I guess us Floridians really do have salt water in our veins.

This climate isn't for everyone. Sometimes I question my own sanity and my ego when I have to confront below freezing temps for the sake of work or shopping. But we have to eat so I have to leave home some time, even in the freezing cold.

So the lady and I had similar stories and it was nice to see someone else from Florida suffering through the bitter freezing cold just like me.

om ya drol ma.
and I am done.


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