Monday, December 31, 2012

Be the little light that shines in the darkness


In light of the recent violent acts against humanity I would like to write something today regarding this subject.

Many of my friends are hurt by this suffering and because of it are acting out against gun voilence. They get petitions, banners, anti gun pics, shouting matches with other gun owning friends that do not want to give up their rights to bear arms.

When we become Buddhists we take formal vows to end all sufferings and most importantly our own failures and sufferings as practitioners. We can't do this by shouting at the violent people of the world nor by screaming at them. If this kind of action really worked we would have ended world wars centuries ago.
This act of violence only adds to more violence and it then becomes a circle without end, adding to our karmas and kalpas and delusions caused by never-ending ego mind.

When we remember our teachings we become boundless. When we study the gathas and apply them to our lives we support and encourage harmony. Both in our lives and in the lives of others.

The world is filled with both love and hate. Both goodness and badness. Which team will you play for?

Every day millions of people leave their homes and become superheroes. They save children from being shot at in schools, they carry people from out of burning buildings using every ounce of strength that they have.
These people very seldom get recognized for their heroic effort. Some would even say they were just doing their job.

In the lotus of our heart center we know that we can apply our teachings in order to manifest only goodness when we encounter these types of events. If we allow ourselves to become lost in our emotions and cry, shout, wail, pout about it for weeks on end then we have forgotten everything that we came here to learn regarding suffering and the remedy for suffering.

And for those that have left us we do not want them to live here on this earthly plane and suffer in pain. They have crossed the ocean of delusion and thusly gone on to the pure land, no longer bound to this earth by clinging.

How great, the robe of liberation, a formless field of merit, wrapping ourselves in the Buddha's teaching we free all living beings.

By focusing our attention on the Noble Eightfold path we remember

1. Right View Wisdom
2. Right Intention
3. Right Speech Ethical Conduct
4. Right Action
5. Right Livelihood
6. Right Effort Mental Development
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration

1. View the situation from a different viewpoint.
2. Sort out which action you should best take to help.
3. Speak kind words without adding to the suffering.
4. Do the right thing. Always.
5. Live by the virutes of your teacher's creed.
6. Make your actions count for something good.
7. Think about other ways that you can help. If you cannot be there physically by sitting or helping or praying then donate money to their needy cause.
8. Know that there is a need for you to do good. Be of service to mankind.

By doing these things you can be the little candle that lights millions of other candles from its fire.


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