Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Truth Hurts


I have a very strong mind.

It has rescued me through sickness and dis-ease more than a few times.
Sometimes as a practitioner we go through times when we are tested.

Our faith in the good becomes tested and we are forced to look deeply at ourselves and sometimes people can not even understand the facts and the truth when it is right there in their faces. Maybe we are not the ones that are responsible to point it out for them but somehow we become involved just the same.

Sometimes people, once hearing the truth dismiss it as lies. Again, it may not be our role to submit the information to them.

A lot lately our faith is being tested. I  find many friends suffering now.
Loss of parents, friends, other relatives, men coming home from the war disabled with limited medical care.

All of life is suffering. There is a cure for suffering. Many do not know how to apply the medicine.
Sometimes even the most seasoned practitioner forgets how to apply the medicine for healing.

Sometimes it is not about liking or not liking. Or about this side or that. About political views or not political. So many friends are against one another right now. My facebook has a war between lifelong friends.
It can be very draining. Makes me spend much more time in contemplation. Thank goodness.

Prayers for healing tonight.
Prayers for a good president.
Prayers for the negative media and press to stop.

Be well.
Be love.
Om ya drol ma.

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