Saturday, December 10, 2011

Being of Service…..

As you journey through the garden of life, be like the fragrant Jasmine and grow mindful of your surroundings. Be of good virtue.
If you are asked to help another do it willingly. If you are required to do house work do not do it with a scornful demeanor. Do it with a smile on your face. Make love and happiness your life’s mission. Charity begins and ends at home. Do not be kind to strangers while arguing with your family. Be kind to everyone.
Do not cause harm to another. Do not speak angry or harsh words to anyone.
Care for your body and for your family devotedly. Remember as you care for them you care for the Father as well. Keep your senses under control. Do not overindulge in food, drink, or sexual diversions.
Remember as you work in service to another that there is no Me-My-Mine.
My soul and your soul are brethren.
A criminal becomes that way because of his mind and his eyes wanting what he cannot have. Keep away from criminal thoughts and criminal glances by keeping your eyes pure.

May you be free from obstacles.

Om Ya Drol Ma.

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